Elysian (adj.)

Finally! My thoughts made it to paper…or more appropriately, to screen. This blog has been a long time coming. Years ago when I came up with the name for my blog it was when my husband and I had purchased our first home…a cute condo that needed some work. I wanted to showcase our journey through being first time homeowners and highlight the ups and downs of renovations. Well, that six years ago. Since then, we welcomed a baby boy, who is now two and half, we finished renovating the condo (for the most part) and we sold it! We moved to another home with a yard for the baby to play in…a real suburban home. We thought we knew fixer upper, no…this one is a fixer. Built in 1955, original windows, yellow cooktop and stove and original pipes! We spent the first six months renovating…with a toddler, in the midst of all of our other day to day things. Now, finally, we are (kinda) in a place that feels comfortable. There are pictures on the walls, furniture in every room, decor…we are well on our way.

With all of those experiences under our belts I decided that it was time to refocus on my passions. I had started my stationery company, Adaria Designs by ahd, right around the time we purchased our first home and since then it had grown and changed, just like me. I had taken a bit of a break after our son was born but now it’s time. So somehow all of these pieces in my life are supposed to fit together…remodeling our home, running my stationery business, running a classroom (yep I’m a teacher too), being a wife and raising our son. I don’t know how it all of fits together, but somehow it does. My life is more meaningful to me when there is so much going on. I always manage to find beauty in the chaos, it’s when I’m forced to be the most creative and for me, creativity is peace. It’s when I’m most inspired, when I’m most alive. So here goes one more piece of my puzzle, this blog…designing along the way…I hope that you enjoy the ride.

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