My Velvet Muse

When I design I needed to be inspired. It could be a painting, a flower, an outfit; most recently my inspiration has been my sofa…or what I refer to as “My Velvet Muse”. Mid-century modern design has been popular for a while but it seems like it popped up everywhere this year; from home decor, to fashion, even stationery with deep pops of color and nostalgic details. Many times my favorite invitation designs, like the one  I designed for a client a little bit ago, are special because it reminds me of something in my life, in this case, my sofa.

Prior to it’s arrival we had a very awkward living room situation. Guests would come over and we would just stand for a ridiculous amount of time because there weren’t enough appropriate places to sit. To make seating less awkward for our guests (which actually made it more awkward) we added the large cream armchair that was previously in our master bedroom as well as a rocking chair from my son’s nursery. It just didn’t flow. For someone who loves beautiful spaces, it bugged me to no  end that the first room that you saw as you entered our home was a sad attempt at “make it work” design. Since we had just finished living through six months of renovations…with a toddler…our living room represented everything I felt: exhausted, lacking inspiration and very much in transition. Until our new sofa had arrived and it was like a wave of inspiration rushed in and it was PERFECT!

Choosing velvet gave our living room the right combination of fun and timeless sophistication. I wanted to just look at it, lay on it, work on it. It was like somehow I was waiting for this piece of furniture because since then I’ve never been more inspired.

I had spent so much time trying to find the perfect piece for this space, looking at custom furniture websites, and all over Pinterest, as well as furniture stores all over town.  I knew a couple things. I wanted velvet, I wanted mid-century, and I wanted luxurious.  Then it clicked, most of the furniture in our previous home had been purchased from our favorite store in Long Beach, why not go there? We spent several hours customizing the sofa of my dreams. Why take so much time on a piece of furniture? Well, I ascribe to the notion that whatever to buy, and especially what you are constantly surrounded by, you need to LOVE! If that means waiting a while to save up, or taking extra time to find something that fits for you, then do it. Life is too short waste money on something that is going to fall apart in a couple months or that’s not bring you any joy when looking at it. If you’re like me you work very hard for your money and you deserve some special pieces in your life.

Now, to complete the living room. The plan is to get rid of the oversized arm chair, add some emerald green, gold, black and white accents in the form of slim accent chairs, pillows, rugs and gold frames on the wall. Stay tuned!

mid-century, decor, blue, velvet, sofa
Mid-Century Living Room
Mid-century, velvet sofa, blue,
Mid-Century Living Room Design
Floral, blue, gold, wedding, invitation, rustic
Floral Blue and Gold Wedding Invitation

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