Making Magic: Holiday Recap

The holidays have come and gone. The presents have be opened, food eaten, the hustle and bustle of preparing has died down. We had some fun holiday dinners (decor pictured below) and a truly special Christmas morning (cue adorable picture to the left :)). Now it is time for reflection. Never before have I wanted to BE in the moment more than now. Every step of the way I have created memories, for my friends, for my family and for myself.  More than anything, that’s what matters, these are the moments we will live for, the times when we are the creators of magic.

The sparkle that comes with the holiday season is because for one time of year so many people are intentionally believing in the magic, for their children, for their families…but you can make magic happen all year.

How do you make magic in 2017? Set your intention to do one thing that makes you truly happy. Save up for it, plan it, put in the the calendar, then do it! Then, make sure that you do something for someone in which you expect nothing in return. Plan it in the same way and then do it. How many of these and the frequency is up to you but make sure that it gets you excited. Soon, all of that negativity that comes with our day today gets buried in all the joy that we create. Believe in joy…Joy in even the most disappointing and frustrating moments. There is joy there, I promise you. Believe in love…Love you and your life and if you don’t,  change what you don’t love. Find something that you can’t live with out, a person place or a talent and just love it like nothing else compares. Believe in success…Success in every thing that you do. Tiny successes amount to huge successes over time. Celebrate each one. Be ready for that huge success because it will happen if you keep going.

Try it, and let me know how it goes!

-xoxo ahd

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