Nature Inspired

Just before the New Year we took a family trip up to San Francisco. We stayed outside of the city this time, near the airport which honestly was a mistake (don’t tell my husband). The hotel staff and other guests were very friendly and the room was nice (not spectacular, but nice) but you just did not get the San Francisco vibe until you, of course, actually ventured 20 miles into the city (more on that that to come). However, on the way back we set aside time to stop to see the Redwood trees.

You wouldn’t know it was there, tucked up 20 miles up a spirally road outside of Saratoga lies Big Basin National Forest. It had been 8 years since we had been there, pre-baby and pre-marriage, so this time around was definitely different. We got half way into the forest when my husband thought that we were lost so we turned around went all the way down to discover that we should have kept going. On the way back up my little two year old, who at this point, had enough of being the car, got car sick from the all the twists and turns, it was a nightmare-until it wasn’t. We arrived at our destination, finally! I could have done without all of the drama but to see my son’s eyes light up at the sight of the redwood trees it was all worth it. The forest has such a peacefully intimidating presence that just takes you over. I found myself cautiously adventurous, wanting to get lost in my surroundings. I was so inspired! The greens were greener than the color itself and the height of the trees made my surrounding seem to intimate. The visit left me refreshed and my creativity was just flowing.

We discovered so many amazing areas tucked away, caves made out of the roots of fallen trees, streams, camp grounds, and picnic areas. They also have a waterfall but the toddler was not up for walking anymore and I definitely was not up to carrying him. We even came across this spectacular amphitheater a couple feet away from the headquarters and apparently, they do weddings! You can’t get more rustic or nature inspired than that!

When we got back I was still floating on a cloud from the trip and was asked to design a rustic engagement party invitation! Perfect! What I came up with evoked the beauty of my surroundings back in the forest it got me excited all over again. My mind (and body) needs moments like these to be able to recharge. Sometimes I push it so hard that it hits a brick wall. I’m sure that you can agree which is why a getaway whether even a few hours away can make a world of difference in your attitude and your productivity. So with that said, I’m ready to create! What are you ready for?



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