Stealing Time

A few years back I created some coupons for my husband  as a Valentine’s Day present. The intention behind them was to force us to take a moment in our crazy busy lives and reconnect. Whether it meant some extra time to cuddle, a date night in the middle of the week or a quick massage, it helped to set an intention to stay commented. Fast forward to now, our lives have only gotten busier and time to ourselves is almost unheard of, but somehow that makes it more special.

My husband and I had the opportunity to sneak in a little quality time for Valentine’s Day. Totally impromptu, after my husband’s open house we headed to downtown Long Beach and to stroll and chat, without clients, laptops, or a toddler hanging off of us. We discovered this adorable and delicious restaurant, BO-beau kitchen + roof tap, that takes delicious classic American food to a whole new level. The decor, which I live for, is breathtaking. The restaurant boasts exposed brick, steel accents and perfect splashes of glamour. Since we were there for lunch we headed up stairs to an open area with a gorgeous fully stocked bar, community style picnic tables and seating to overlook all of Pine Avenue..can you say chic?!  I just wanted to stay and drool at the decor.

After lunch we discovered this cute little pie shop further down the street, called The Pie Bar, and the pie shots were rich and delicious, definitely perfect for sharing (though I ate most of it and gave him what I couldn’t finish, he’s such a good sport :)). Needless to say with full tummies, great conversation and ideas flowing from being surrounded by such breathtaking spaces, I enjoyed our little date. I’ll treasure the moments whenever I can get them.


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