Friends and Flower Crowns

While it seemed like everyone in the world or at least in Southern California was getting ready for the famed “Coachella” I was getting ready for Babychella. If you have been following @adariadeigns on social media, you’ve probably had Babychella overload but if not (and you really should be :)) let me fill you in. Babychella is the first family music and arts festival of it’s kind and on this scale put on Hampton Productions in Irvine, California earlier this month (in March) and when I tell you they went big they went HUGE! There were thousands of people there, adorable little boho babies and their parents, tons of vendors, food, baby yoga, live animals…totally up my alley.

Adaria Designs by ahd Owner and Weebuddies Founder at Babychella 2017

My journey to Babychella began when one of my friends clicked “interested” on the Babychella event on Facebook. I forwarded the page another friend, Kirstin, who just developed a genius potty time product, Weebudies (more on Weebuddies another time, I promise), since I felt like this would be the perfect arena to showcase her new product. Though I was already hosting a friends baby shower the day prior to the event and my mother’s birthday party the following weekend (can you say overwhelmed) she convinced me to share a tent with her at the event. I’m so glad she did, because she is a magnet for incredible ideas.

So, since I had committed I had to go all in. I came up up with a theme…boho of course, designed some coloring sheet giveaways for the kids who stopped by the booth and premiered some fun and inspirational wall prints. Everything was a hit and we had so much fun! It truly is a blessing to be able to do what you love alongside your friends. The energy was so incredible. The music got you dancing, everyone was there for a great time and there lots of really cool products and services for young families. They are planning to do Babychella at least a couple times a year I’m sure that it will be bigger and better. I’ll definitely be there, you should check it out too!

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