Wild & Free

This post is a personal one, it is literally my heart spilled out on screen as much as it is my heart walking around in the package of my newly three year old, my son Blake.

Earlier this month when deciding the theme for my son’s birthday party I fell in love with the woodland creature theme; it was a little whimsical, a little bohemian and very adorable. I couldn’t have picked a better theme for my carefree, adventurous little guy. What I didn’t realize was that this theme would evoke such emotion and inspire me to pen this open letter to my wild and free, little love…


Three years ago I didn’t know how to be a mom, today I really don’t either.  Before being wheeled in the delivery room I realized two things, my life was no longer my own and I could do ANYTHING! I prayed for you, before you arrived, while you were on your way and every single day since. I knew that you would be a blessing but after meeting you I knew  that you would change the world. Somewhere along the way you changed me.  See, my love, you were born to stand out: you’re loud, you’re smart, you’re absolutely hilarious, you’re passionate and creative, brave and sensitive. You, my love, are wild and free and more than I could ever hope for. You inspire me. I live, love and create because of you, I push harder because you’re watching me. I can’t afford to let you down. Sometimes I ask so much of you, sometimes it’s not fair to expect you to deliver, but you do…in YOUR time. You always get there, but a huge part of me knows that you were born to make you’re own rules, to push the boundaries and break the mold.  I do have to tell you that you try my patience and make me wonder how much easier my life would be if you just sat quietly and followed directions the FIRST time, but what fun that be for you…or for me. My love, that fire and confidence you have is a breath of fresh air and everything about you is absolutely beautiful. Please don’t ever lose your sense of adventure, it’s what makes you…you. Thank you for showing me the world through your eyes. Thank you for making me a mom, and more importantly YOUR mom, a stronger woman and a better me. 



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