About AHD

Mom | Wife | Teacher | Creative

I love beautiful words but I can never seem to use them to accurately describe myself…so let’s give this a try…

I dream in color. I always have. I spent my free time as child designing dresses for my dolls, redecorating my room and creating cards to birthday parties for my family and friends. Because I didn’t draw still life images or paint beautiful landscape paintings  I didn’t consider myself an artist but that’s because, at that point,  I didn’t know what the word artist truly meant.

I received my BA in Psychology with a minor in English but after spending a couple years in my field I felt this pull to step into my passion and CREATE. I enrolled in design school and it felt absolutely incredible to be surrounded by so many artists and so much beauty. I created Adaria Designs by ahd, my stationery design company, while simultaneouly pursuing my passion for working in the special needs community. Along this journey  I realized that I don’t just fit into one box, I never have, so I created my own.