Stealing Time

A few years back I created some coupons for my husband  as a Valentine’s Day present. The intention behind them was to force us to take a moment in our crazy busy lives and reconnect. Whether it meant some extra time to cuddle, a date night in the middle of the week or a quick […]

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Making Magic: Holiday Recap

The holidays have come and gone. The presents have be opened, food eaten, the hustle and bustle of preparing has died down. We had some fun holiday dinners (decor pictured below) and a truly special Christmas morning (cue adorable picture to the left :)). Now it is time for reflection. Never before have I wanted to […]

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My Velvet Muse

When I design I needed to be inspired. It could be a painting, a flower, an outfit; most recently my inspiration has been my sofa…or what I refer to as “My Velvet Muse”. Mid-century modern design has been popular for a while but it seems like it popped up everywhere this year; from home decor, to […]

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